What Are The Popular Tools Used For VR Game Development

There has been a lot of improvement in the process of today’s game development due to the advent of latest technologies. Although the entire process has become more challenging but still the game developers find it convenient to incorporate the trending features and functionalities with ease and efficiency. Now talking about the trends of game development, we should not miss the two most reigning technologies in the realm of game development. These are-Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

This post will deal with VR game development tools and technologies. A recent market research report has predicted that the value of the VR market will reach 56.25 billion dollars by 2025. So hope you can understand the vast potentialities of VR and how it can redefine the thrill of digital gaming. A renowned VR game development company can guide you in the best possible ways to boost the adrenaline rush of the players.

VR Game Development
VR Game Development
VR Game Development

Given below are some of the extensively used VR game development tools to engage players in meeting their gaming aspirations.

Unity Engine: This is by far the most commonly used game development engine all over the world. With its advanced designer and artists tools, powerful editor for creating VR assets, collaboration tools etc VR games can be created to provide lively interaction and controlling of the gameplay. Being a cross platform engine you can also deploy your VR games across platforms and devices compatible with VR.

With real time animations and graphics, Unity helps in enhancing the look and feel of VR games to engage gamers and turn their dreams into reality. As VR games are available in 3D format, Unity is considered to be highly suitable in this regard because this engine also works flawlessly in 3D platforms.

Amazon Sumerian: This is another popular VR engine provided by Amazon Web Services. To use this you will not require any programming skills or 3D graphics. Popular VR platforms like HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, Google Daydream, Lenovo Mirage etc are all compatible with Amazon Sumerian.

You can hire a game developer proficient in VR to use the latest technologies appropriately so that games can be made distinctive but interesting even for the casual players. Some of its features include: Sumerian editor, Sumerian host, Asset management and an ability to script logic according to the scenes created or developed.

Google VR: This is another popular VR game development tool provided by Google. With this tool, immersive VR gaming experience can be developed to attract and retain players from all over the world. Using it VR games can be made lively so that the players find it exciting to interact with the gaming objects in their desired ways. It has got a software development kit that is compatible with all its supported VR platforms.

Unreal Engine 4: It comes with a strong set of VR game development tools. Games developed using this engine are compatible with Samsung Gear VR, Oculus, Sony, Android, iOS and lots more.

Some of its features are:

Developers using this tool will have access to the C++ source code and Python scripts. It has a real time rendering of visuals, flexible editor and a multiplayer framework. Developers can quickly create prototypes with the help of its Blueprint visual scripting tool. Also the UE4 is highly suitable for adding special effects, animation, simulation, sequence. Audio etc.

There are lots of VR game development services provided by the tools mentioned above. Based on the nature and scope of your games, you can opt for anyone of the above. Always bear in mind that choosing the suitable tools will make your games unique and can serve your target gamers rightly the way to expect it.

Conclusion: If you wish to attract and engage your gamers in an interactive 3D gaming environment, then VR gaming solutions are the most promising ones. With interactive controlling options and visually impressive content you can enhance the look and feel of your games so that the players can experience the first person gaming thrill. So with a VR game concept in mind you can get in touch with a mobile game development company having VR expertise.

Author Bio: Mr Arup Roy is the founder of Red Apple Technologies, a well known VR game development company. Blending the right amount of technological skills and creative excellence is his forte. With diverse experience in this industry he knows how to create gaming trends using the vast potentialities of VR technology.

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